Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Grandpa and Grandma were proud of the sunflowers they had grown next to the silo. Notice their big grins! (Yes, for Grandpa this was a huge smile.) Grandpa was 6 feet tall, so the sunflowers in the picture must have been about 8-10 feet tall.

They had given each of us girls an ear of home-grown corn and let us take turns holding the dog. Nancy cradled the dog like a pro, while Liz almost dropped and choked the dog. There is no (incriminating) photo of me with the dog, although you can see I'm eating raw corn right off the cob.

I submitted this layout for DSO's October color challenge.

Here’s a big grin from me to you! :D


Programs: GIMP; PSE 6; PSE actions from Atomic Cupcake
Materials: Joni Gray - "Sun Flower" (sunflower border, re-colored bouquet); "Painting Spring" (yellow & purple leather papers); "Key to my Heart" (cropped purple mat); "One Moment in Time" (cropped notebook page)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just What I ALWAYS Wanted

Sometimes, when our family gets together around Christmas time, we play a fun game where we try to win small, wrapped presents. As the game goes on, the presents are swapped back and forth as people try to win the presents that look the best. Some presents actually are good, but others are meant to be a joke. No one knows what really is in their presents until the end of the game, when each person opens theirs.

Imagine my 15-year-old son Steven’s surprise when he received a Barbie doll! He was a good sport, though, and laughed as I photographed him with his new “treasure”. I made this layout into a quick page and entered it into one of DSO’s October challenges.

Hope this made you laugh! (Did you at least smile a little?)


Materials: "Retro Diva Add-On" by RC Mama
Title: actions from GIMP (a free graphics program)
Programs: GIMP and Photoshop Elements

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Naturally, I’m the BEST

No, I’m not making that claim, but it is the title of the page below. John was voted 2005 best defensive player of the year by his fellow teammates at Okinawa Christian School, International. Just before the soccer banquet, I had him pose for a few pictures. Doesn’t he look humble in this shot? (Hahahaha; LOL)

I did this layout using a quick page freebie from Bon Scrapitit’s kit, “Jeanalogy of a Man”, and submitted it for one of DSO’s fall challenges. I also used programs GIMP and Photoshop Elements.

Now let’s all go out and do our best!


Monday, October 20, 2008

54 Years Since ‘54

My parents were married in July of 1954, so this year they celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary. In honor of them, I did a layout of one of their wedding photos. This one was taken just as they came up the aisle after the service.

My parents have provided a constant example of a loving, godly, committed couple, and I appreciate them both very much.

Their daughter,

Materials: “Wedding Treasures” from Charlie’s Digiscraps (journaling piece made by cutting out part of stamped border; vellum in frame re-colored to match paper)
Programs: GIMP and Photoshop Elements

Monday, October 13, 2008

Seeing Double

When Steven was a baby, he loved to look in the bathroom mirror to watch that “other baby”. I think the expression on his face in this photo is priceless.

To design this page, I used a wonderful template provided by Teriann for the October template challenge at DSO.

Happy Autumn!


Materials: "Boys Will Be Boys" (note modified), A Work in Progress; DSO 2008 October Template Challenge - template by Teriann; "Neutral Zigzag Stitches", Gunhild
Programs: GIMP and Photoshop Elements

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Balloons

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I was extremely busy this past month and a half. However, now things have eased up considerably, so I plan to do more scrapbooking.

This latest layout is a trip down memory lane to my sister Liz’s first birthday. She was just fascinated by the balloons overhead. I think the expression of rapt attention on her face is so cute!

Hope to see you again soon!


Papers: “Summer 2008”, Joni Gray’s Digiscrap Freebies
Bow and pin: “Just Adorable”, Christie Lemmon Designs (re-colored)
Programs: Photoshop Elements, GIMP