Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Secret Agent

If you combine a great "Nerf gun" photo from Brittany Dengerud, a fabulous 3-photo template from DSO's Teriann, a nutty mom who loves to take pictures (ME), and a patient son who will pose, what do you get? The "Secret Agent" layout below. (LOL) :D

Sipping the finest cherry Kool-Aid,
Driving the latest model mini-van,
Packing the most sophisticated Nerf gun,
It's the new James Bond,
Secret Agent Double - O - Steven.


Kit: "Boys' Club" by Sweet Blossom Designs; some elements adjusted for layout
Template: November DSO "Template Challenge" template by Teriann
Nerf Gun Photo (retouched): Brittany Dengerud
Programs: GIMP; PSE 6; actions from Atomic Cupcake
Patience: shown by Steven as his mom (ME) had him pose for 2 goofy pictures

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Monkeying Around

This photo was taken when my sister and I took our kids to Como Park Zoo. They had fun playing with one “animal” in particular.

Have a happy day!


Programs: GIMP and PSE 6; Title made with GIMP actions
Materials: "Coloriages" from Imagine by Fran