Saturday, January 31, 2009

Easter Time

In 1965, all I wanted for Easter were my two front teeth … and my Easter basket! My sisters and I smiled for the camera as we sat at the feet of our great grandma on Easter morning before church.

Keep smiling!


Programs: GIMP, PSE 6; vellum action by Atomic Cupcake
Layout Inspiration: Template 3, Robyn Pali Designs
Materials: “Love Birds”; Joni Gray (doily, stitching); “Rose Fest”, Crops 2 Dawn (cropped rose); Gunhild (re-colored lace, velvet ribbon, ivy); “Sweet Love Of Mine”, Luisa Potter (rose & green papers); “Soft Fuchsia”, LouCee Creations (pale pink paper - frames)
Fonts: Monotype Corsiva Italic; Arial Bold

I submitted this layout for the DSO January Color Challenge.

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Star Is Born ... With Every I-Pod

My son's I-pod seems to be permanently attached to his ear! He often sings and dances along with the songs he listens to. In this layout, I had fun with some of the photos I took of him.

You have fun today, too!


Programs: GIMP, PSE 6
Materials: StarDoodle from AWP; "Limelight3" by David Ritter, posted on stock.xchng; Blue Light Texture from Image After
Fonts: Minstral, Minya Nouvelle Bold, Arial Bold

I submitted this layout for the January DSO Photo Op Challenge.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just For Fun!

Yes, I admit this layout is totally for fun. When I read the quote for the “DSO January Quote Challenge” about an animal’s eyes, I knew I couldn’t use our cute pet photos because we don’t have any pets. So I looked at a free photo website, and fell in love with Ernie the Emu. Can you find him on the page below? I added a few other animal photos, too.

Hope this gives you a laugh! I’d love to read your comments.


Programs: GIMP; PSE 6; actions by Atomic Cupcake
Materials: Template by Flergs; papers from “Sweet September”, Joni Gray Designs
Photos from stock.xchng: “Ernie the Emu” (860327), bluegum; “Frog” (603401), robertovm; “Drill Monkey 1” (441276), hagit; “Cat 3” (459764), mordoc
This page is also posted here in the DSO gallery.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Basketball, Anyone?

The mascot of the nearby state university is a gopher, a small rodent that lives in a hole in the ground. Just saying the name “Golden Gophers” will bring fear into any opponent’s heart, right? LOL

Thanks to the generosity of my brother-in-law, I was able to go to a couple of Gopher basketball games recently. At one of the games my dad and I even received free pompoms we could wave as we cheered the team on --- to defeat as it turned out. It actually was a lot of fun!

Anyone want to shoot some hoops?


Programs: GIMP; PSE 6
Template: “January DSO Template Challenge” template by Terrian Hanks
Materials: CU clip, “Fasten Me”, Mimilou Designs; CU Overlay, “Crump’d Freebie”, Designz by Kristi; CU texture, Benexav Digiscrap; Texture photo from Image After; photos from stock.xchng: basketball (448500), throbi; hoop (349983), arkosfl; basketball court chalkboard (648107), spekulator

I submitted this layout to DSO for their January Template Challenge.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I’m Published!

Today the new January/February issue of the scrapbooking electronic magazine “Scrap N’ Art” came out, and one of my layouts is in it! I’m so thrilled!

Due to publishing restrictions, for the next two months my layout may be seen only in the Scrap N’ Art eZine. I’ll post it on my blog in March.

If you can’t wait until March (I couldn’t!), go to the "Scrap N' Art" website. You need to become a member to download their magazine, but membership is free and so are the downloads of their eZine issues. My layout “Double Frosted” is on page 8 of the latest issue. There are more goodies in this issue as well: three digital freebie kits you can download; many layouts to give you fresh ideas; tutorials on new scrapbooking techniques. If you like either paper or digital scrapbooking, it’s worth checking out.

Happy New Year!