Thursday, February 26, 2009


A few years ago, my sister Liz and I, together with our families, attended a fancy dinner & Christmas concert at a nearby college. One of Liz's daughters was performing that night and all of our family members were able to attend as well, so this was a very special event. This photo brings back fond memories of that lovely evening.


Programs: GIMP, PSE 6
Inspiration: Amber Labau
Materials: "Love & Joy", Stolen Moments & Digi-Designs By Nicole;
"Holly Jolly", Gina Scrapkits (poinsettia, holly leaves)
Fonts: Segoe Script Bold, Batik, Serif, Quigley Wiggly, Minya Nouvelle, Papyrus, Lily UPC Bold

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Winter Sun

I marvel at the many sizes, shapes and colors of the winter sun. There are so many variations! For example, do you believe how HUGE the sun looks in the photo below?

One day in early February as I was strolling through our neighborhood, I found a couple sitting on a park bench watching the sun set. This was such an usual sight to see in winter that I had to take a picture! Check it out in my layout below. I've posted both the individual pages as well as the full 2-page layout.

What unusual sights have you seen lately?


Programs: GIMP, PSE 6; vellum & glitter actions by Atomic Cupcake
Template: February DSO Template Challenge Template, Teriann Hanks
Materials: “Winter Flowers”, Joni Gray Digiscrap Freebies (re-colored glitter sprinkles); “Anxiously Awaiting - Classic”, Stolen Moments (glitter circles accent); “The Missing Piece” alphaft, Digital Blueprint; curved frames made using tutorial written by Simply Sarah posted here on Ellie Lash’s CT blog; background made from the photo above!
Font: Segoe Script Bold
I submitted this layout for the February Template Challenge at DSO.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Challenge That Really Rocks!

One of my favorite designers, Joni Gray, gave me this challenge:

1. Go to the picture folder on your computer.
2. Find the 6th folder.
3. Go to the 6th picture of the 6th folder.
4. Post the picture on your blog and describe it.
5. Pass the challenge on to 6 friends.
6. Let them know they've been challenged, and link them to your blog.

As you can see, the picture I found really “rocks”!

My parents must have thought my sister and I were so cute that we “ought to be in pictures”. Like most toddlers, I’m sure we enjoyed the repetitive motion of rocking back and forth. Here Nancy is in the adult-size rocker, and I am in the child-size one. Yes, this was back when all little girls wore dresses, even for play.

The bigger rocker in the photo was a trap for the unwary. The design caused a person who literally sat on the edge of his or her seat to be unexpectedly dumped on the floor! I don’t how many next-door neighbors or traveling salesmen ended up in a heap. I do remember that when I had the rocker in my college dorm room, a number of my friends suddenly decided the floor was a more comfortable place to sit!

I’m supposed to pass this challenge on to 6 friends. I mainly visit digi-scrapping blogs, so here are six of my favorites:

1. Linda, Bon Scrapatit Designs
2. Vicki, A Work In Progress
3. Anna, Delicious Scraps
4. Vicki, Bubbles Babbles
5. Deb, The Scrappin Cop
6. Sara, Sweet Blossom Designs

Thanks for the fun challenge, Joni!

Rockin’ Sue

1959: two-year-old Nancy and one-year-old Sue

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urban Safari

As we stealthily crept through the urban jungle, we spotted our target: a herd of trash cans. We approached them carefully to take a picture of this rare sight. Despite our cautiousness, the herd became aware of us. Threatened by our presence, the alpha male charged. We barely escaped from his fearsome jaws of death. You can see him in the foreground, his lid open wide to devour us whole.

We have been studying the unusual feeding patterns of trash cans. Unlike most species, they gather together in this curbside formation once a week. Looking carefully at our photo, we noted that the road was filled with streams of water due to melting snow. We feel certain we have discovered this herd’s watering hole. As for their food source, some experts suppose trash cans move into individual homes where they graze until the next time the herd gathers for water. However, this is only one theory. Further study is needed to determine the exact location of their feeding grounds.

Respectfully submitted by Sue

Programs: GIMP
Template: Freebie Template, K Sharon K Designs
Materials: "True Blue", A Work In Progress
Fonts: Minya Nouvelle Bold, Arial Bold
Photo by Sue
Photo Interpretation by Steven (Sue’s son)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Grandma

I’m one of the few people my age who can say they knew their great grandma. Hardly any of the kids I knew when I was growing up had great grandparents living, so I felt it was very special that I did. I can still picture Great Grandma sitting in her room in the nursing home, wearing a housedress and orthopedic shoes. She lived to be 95.


Programs: GIMP, PSE
Template: Template 1, Mimilou
Materials: “Love Birds”, Joni Gray (green stitching, brads, doily); “Sweet Love of Mine”, Luisa Potter (rose and green papers); “Soft Fushia”, LouCee Creations (pale pink and pale green papers); “Rose Fest”, Crops2Dawn (rose); “A New Day”, Lainey's Designs (scalloped mat) “Bubble Kids”, Digi Scrap 4 All (re-colored circular stitching); Gunhild (re-colored ivy, lace, ribbons); title made by me using GIMP and PSE 6 actions
Fonts: Rockwell Bold, Arial Bold
I submitted this layout for the DSO Photo Op Challenge.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunset --- God's Masterpiece

At dusk, about a block away from our home, I can watch the sun set over a small lake. The view can be breath-taking! A photo cannot fully portray the magnificent vision I am privileged to behold. Still, I often try to capture the moment with my camera. Here is one of God's daily masterpieces. Do you notice the brushstrokes in the sky?

There are wonders everywhere. What do you see around you?


Programs: GIMP, PSE 6
Materials: "At Sunset", Christie Lemmon Designs; title made by me using GIMP and PSE 6 actions
Fonts: Mufferaw, Amienne, Arial Bold