Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Honey

My honey hubby gave me lovely flowers for Mothers’ Day. He is so sweet!

“Love and Hope”, Jaelop
template for heart, Moody Judy’s World
sparkle trail, ScrapU


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dog-gone Cute

When Riley came to visit Mom and Dad, he naturally assumed he was the star attraction, and lapped up the praise and affection. I love Mom's smile in this photo.

A Little Something by Jen Reed
Font: Love Ya Like A Sister

For this layout, I used "A Little Something", a fun mini-kit by Jen Reed. Click here or on the preview below to check it up at her store.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


It is gray and rainy outside, a good day to pull out a warm memory from Okinawa. These photos are from a trip to a pizza restaurant on the top of a mountain that overlooked a sparkling bay. We went with a group of young people from the church, and it was a wonderful experience.

September 2010 DSO Color Challenge kits: Joni Gray (fan, flower, button, bamboo paper – modified, used as overlay); Just Passin’ Thru (papers beneath overlay); Template 22 (modified to 2 pages), Choukette; Fonts: Karate, Comic Sans MS
I submitted the first page to the September 2010 DSO Color Challenge.

Journaling: At a mountain-top pizza restaurant in Okinawa, there were fans for menus. One side was written in English; the other, in Japanese. The temperature had soared to over 90 degrees, so we were glad there were large bamboo fans along with the menu fans. The pizza was good, but the view was my favorite part of our mountain-top meal.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This picture of Mom and Dad laughing always makes me smile.

Fresh Start by Jen Reed
Fonts: Baveuse, Mistral, Miserably Lose, Dirty Ego, the Blue Cabin, Tempus Sans ITC, Batik Regular, Stereofidelic, Adler, Tall Paul, Honey Script Semi-Bold, Ellianarelle's Path
Programs: GIMP, PSE 6; CU sanding action by Atomic Cupcake

I wanted bright colors for this fun photo, so I used “Fresh Start” by Jen Reed. Click here or on the preview below to check it out at her store.

Have a good laugh today!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Star Model

When I spot a unique photo opportunity, Harry will patiently pose for pictures. This time an unusual sculpture provided the inspiration.

“Baby, You’re a Star” by Jen Reed
September 2010 DSO Template by Color with Caryn
Programs: GIMP, PSE 6; Font: Times and Times again
I submitted this layout to the 2010 September DSO Template Challenge.

I had fun making this layout --- and taking the pictures. I used the kit, "Baby, You're a Star" by Jen Reed. Click here or on the page below to purchase this kit at her store.

I hope this gave you a smile!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Delicious Butterfly

My mom worked hard to make birthday parties special for my sisters and me. She decorated with balloons and streamers, and helped us look our best with pretty dresses and curled hair. The finishing touch was a fabulous cake. This huge butterfly cake was one of my favorites. It looked so cool!

Happiness by Jen Reed
Fonts: Papyrus, Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded

I made this layout with a fun, bright kit by Jen Reed. Click here or on the preview below to get "Happiness" --- the kit, not the feeling. LOL


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chasing Seagulls

On our second day of vacation, Harry spotted a pair of seagulls resting on a rock in the middle of the lake. We slowly and quietly inched our way over, taking photos until one gull flew off to land on the lake farther away.

Later that day, we found an easier way to get close to the birds. We just sat down to eat, and the seagulls came on shore, begging for food. However, it wasn't nearly as picturesque.

A Quiet Place by Jen Reed
Font: Love Ya Like A Sister
I submitted this layout to the 2010 September Ad Challenge.

To make this layout, I used "A Quiet Place" by Jen Reed. The soft blues, greens and browns went perfectly with the lake photos. Click here or on the preview below to be whisked away to Jen's store.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best Buds

Minneapolis, Honolulu, Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa … Between the pastorate and the mission field, we moved a lot when our sons were growing up. The one thing that remained constant was our family, so the boys were "best buds". This picture of them makes me smile!

"Fresh Start" by Jen Reed
Font: Stamp Act Jumbled, Arial; Programs: GIMP, PSE 6

For this layout, I used "Fresh Start", another great kit by Jen Reed. I really like the bright, primary colors and fun elements. To purchase "Fresh Start" at Jen's store, click here or on the preview below.

More later!


Thursday, September 9, 2010


One beautiful day in July, as my sister, Nancy, and I were relaxing on her patio, a gorgeous butterfly flitted and fluttered around us. Naturally, I had to take a photo.

In my original picture, the butterfly competed with the flowers, distracting the eye. I found a helpful tutorial that explained how to use Photoshop or PSE to keep the subject in focus while blurring the background. The author went step by step, using images to show exactly what to do. Instead of Photoshop or PSE, I used GIMP, and got a similar result. Click here to find this great tutorial by Tiff, creative team member for WM[squared].

“Believe” by Jen Reed (brown stitching re-colored)
Scraplifted from “Brother, Sister” by Just Passin' Through; scalloped mat template developed from Scrappin Cop’s CU border; Font: Gabrielle
I submitted this layout to the September 2010 DSO Altered Photo Challenge.

To make this layout, I used “Believe” by Jen Reed. Click here or on the image below to purchase this lovely kit from Jen’s store.

Hope you have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Great Pumpkins

Harry and I had a blast at the Minnesota State Fair. We enjoyed the afternoon parade, chocolate malts, wild rice hamburgers, crafts displays, 4-H photos, stage productions, crop art and large vegetable competition.

Schroeder from the "Snoopy" comic never saw the Great Pumpkin on Halloween, but we saw more than one at the fair. The heaviest pumpkin weighed 1036 pounds! There were other enormous vegetables, too, including a squash about five feet long. Imagine hauling that in your car --- without breaking it!

Summer Fun, Jen Reed Designs; Fonts: Spinstee, Arial
I submitted this layout for the September 2010 DSO Font Challenge.

For this layout, I used "Summer Fun" by Jen Reed. The colors make me think of sunshine and give me a smile. Click here or on the image below to pick up "Summer Fun" at Jen's store.

Be seeing you!


Sunday, September 5, 2010


In 1996, our whole extended family made a nostalgic trip to my mom’s hometown, camping at a nearby lake resort. The ten grandkids loved to go on boat rides, but they didn’t get very far in this boat.

Nautical Nights Papers and Nautical Nights Elements, Jen Reed Designs; Font: Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded

I have wanted to scrap the above photo for a long time, but was waiting to find just the right kit. Nautical Nights by Jen Reed worked out perfectly. The previews for each part of this fun kit are below. Just click on the images to visit Jen's store.

Why am I showing you the previews for this kit? Jen herself asked me to be on her creative team! What an honor! Watch for more layouts using her gorgeous kits.

You can also find out more about Jen Reed by visiting her website,
See you soon!