Friday, April 29, 2011

100% Birdbrain

When I investigated a tapping noise in the other room, I discovered a robin flying at the window, bashing itself, then flying away, only to repeat the process again and again. We tried to scare the robin off, but nothing worked. We think the robin was defending his territory against the image of himself he saw in the window. Shortly after the divebombing stopped, we found a nest nearby.

April 2011 DSO Challenge Template by Bunny Cates; Outdoor Treasures by Dinphy (wood paper modified); Fonts: Quadranta Bold; Stamp Act; Veteran Typewriter; Top Secret Bold
I submitted this layout to the DSO April Template Challenge.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Birthday Card

Here's another birthday card I made using Jen Reed and Kim B's new kit, "Eat Cake".


Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Blowout

Marie huffed and she puffed, but she couldn't blow her candles out, so Steven tried to demonstrate the proper technique.

Eat Cake by Jen Reed and Kim B (including styles);
Fonts: Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded, Pauls Ransom Note Font
***DSO Gallery Standout (selected by Bunny)***


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Someone Say Cake?

After they decorated his birthday cake, John and his friends were ready to eat it all up, especially Jasher. Steven was ready to choke his brother. LOL

Eat Cake by Jen Reed and Kim B (including styles from kit on word art); Font for Okinawa: CorporateHQ
*** DSO Gallery Stand-Out (chosen by Bunny)***

To make this page, I used the boys' version of "Eat Cake", the fun new birthday collab kit by Jen Reed and Kim B. Here's a boys' birthday card I made with the same kit.

Eat Cake by Jen Reed and Kim B (including styles from kit on word art); card sketch by Bunny
I submitted this card to the April DSO Card Sketch Challenge.

"Eat Cake" comes in separate boys' and girls' versions, with or without the coordinating alphas, word art and layer styles. You can also buy both boys' and girls' versions in one HUGE kit. Click on the previews below to check it all out.

Be sure to visit Kim B's blog to pick up this versatile coordinating alpha.

See you soon with a more "girly" birthday layout.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Heavenly Masterpieces

It is fascinating to see all the different masterpieces God can create using water vapor condensed around minute dust particles. Add sunlight and the effect can be spectacular! Of the hundreds of photos I have taken of clouds, here are some of my favorites.

Here Comes the Sun by Jen Reed; New Year’s Alpha 3 by Jen Reed; stock photo of Earth; Fonts: Freebooter Script; Arial; Byington; Byington Italic
I submitted this layout to Jen Reed's April 2011 Blog Challenge.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wonder of a Child

I love the expression wonder on Mary's face as she met her newborn sister, Becca.

Birdies by Joni Gray Design; photo mask by KimB Designs (modified); scraplifted from “Tongue” by bluetansy; star shape from CU star by pillowgirl; Fonts: Gabrielle, Rough Typewriter Bold
I submitted this layout to the April DSO Scraplift Challenge.

I kept fussing with this layout because I thought perhaps the kit I used above was too light for the photos, making them stand out on the page too much. Here is my second version.

Wanted by Jen Reed and Kim B (hearts extracted from paper); photo mask by KimB Designs (modified); scraplifted from “Tongue” by bluetansy; star shape from CU star by pillowgirl; Fonts: Gabrielle, Rough Typewriter Bold

Which do you like better? Or doesn't it matter? I keep going between one and the other. I know, I know; I'm too picky!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Christmas "Loot"

Whenever our family came to this photo as we watched old slides together, we laughed at what Dad had written on the blackboard: THE LOOT!

Christmas First by Kim B; template from Templates 09-12 by Jen Reed; Fonts: PreludeFLF Bold, Eurostile Bold
I submitted this page to the DSO March Surprise Challenge.

Coming next, I have another memory page that also features three little ones. See you then!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Snow?? ENOUGH!!

On March 19th, melting snow gave us a tantalizing glimpse of coming spring. Four days later, on March 22nd, eight more inches of snow fell, making driving treacherous and closing the schools. The cars in the photo below were not going 55 miles per hour! On that same day, I spotted a three-foot drift. With that snowfall, 2011 became the fourth snowiest winter in this area's history. Who knows how much more snow will fall!

Winter Wishes by Jennifer Labre Designs; Word Art by CrazsquawCreations;
Fonts: Minya Nouvelle, Arial
I submitted "Impatiently Waiting for Spring" to the March DSO Word Art Challenge, and "ENOUGH!!" to the March DSO Ad Challenge.

I have a nostalgic Christmas layout coming soon. See you then!


Friday, April 1, 2011

A Fair Pirate

One of the most fun parts of the Minnesota State Fair was watching an actor play "Captain Jack Sparrow". I absolutely loved all the different facial expression he had when posing for photos!

Pirate Code by Jen Reed; Pirate Code Alpha by Jen Reed; Font: Arial
***DSO Gallery Standout (from Bunny)***

We found “Captain Jack Sparrow” at the Minnesota State Fair, right outside the Haunted House. Even though he wasn’t Johnny Depp, he was very fun to watch. With men, he crossed his arms and looked bold and brash; with children, he leaned back and stared wild-eyed; with women, he put his arms around them and gave a seductive leer. We spent time at the Haunted House, but did not spend money there since we never went in. It was more entertaining outside, anyway!


Have you seen the latest blog train, "Pirates Not Allowed"? I decided this went perfectly with my photos of the fair pirate, so I did another page, even though I'd used these photos before. You can see my first layout here.

"Pirates Not Allowed" is a HUGE freebie kit made by 101 different designers using the same color palette. Don't miss out! You can start the train at Jen Reed's site by clicking on her preview below, or visit the Blog Train Blog for the whole list in order.

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