Sunday, July 31, 2011

I am One

I wasn't totally happy with the first page I made scrapping my first birthday, so here is another try.

Papers created by me using various CU materials; CU elements by Delicious Scraps (wire swirl), Rachael’s Scraps (bow); Twin Mom Scraps (leaf branch); Malily (flower); March 2010 Hawt Mama CT blog train template by Jenn (modified); Font: PreludeFLF Bold
I submitted this layout to the July DSO Color Challenge.

Whenever possible our birthday parties were held outside --- less mess, easy cleanup! The yard at our new house still had bare patches, but the yard next door was all dirt!

Mom got me all dressed up for my first birthday. A night in curlers meant I could have cute little curls on the top of my head. I did NOT have a Mohawk! Mom even made an incredible cake that was almost bigger than me!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

1st Birthday

Mom had me all dressed up for my first birthday. I did NOT have a Mohawk; I had cute little curls on the top of my head. Mom even made an incredible cake for me!

Eat Cake (Girl) Biggie by Jen Reed (most papers & elements; background paper blended); Eat Cake (Girl) Paper Mini Solid by Jen Reed (lavender paper); Eat Cake (Boy) Paper Mini Solid by Jen Reed (brown paper); Font: PreludeFLF Bold; Painted metal action by Atomic Cupcake; July Template Challenge Template by Bunny Cates; Created using GIMP (layout design) and PSE 6 (photo editing and actions)
I submitted this layout to the DSO July Template Challenge.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just One of the Boys

Whenever we went to a park, Harry always jumped into the fray, joining the boys as they played. He would push them on the swings and play around just like they did. It was amazing that a mature man could behave in such a juvenile fashion, but I liked seeing Harry acting as though he was … Just One of the Boys!

Dream Anew by Jen Reed; Font: Desyrel
I submitted this layout (here and here) to the DSO July ABC Album Challenge.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Washtub War

When David and his cousin Billy got together, they always had a lot of fun. On a hot day in 1987, Nancy and I filled up an old washtub and let the boys splash around in it. Each seemed to think pouring water on the other was the most fun. They were so cute!

Swim Like a Fish by Jen Reed; Fonts: Boopee Bold, Veteran Typewriter

Journaling: It was all-out war! Who could get the other the most wet? Of course, it didn't really matter. They both had fun!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Many a Hero

When Dad enlisted in July, 1948, some of the brave men and women who died during World War II were still being brought back home. Dad's honor guard squad from Marietta Air Force Base, Atlanta, Georgia, served at some of the funerals of these veterans, giving a 21-gun salute by each of the 7 honor guards shooting 3 times.

Officers often received greater honors. In the photo on the page below, twenty-one honor guards served and gave a true 21-gun salute during the interment of a lieutenant colonel. Dad recalled that on this somber occasion, as he stood at attention, a pretty girl walked right in front of him and winked!

Not all American soldiers who died on foreign soil during World War II were brought back home. Families could choose either to pay to bring their loved ones home or to have them laid to rest in the countries where they had fought and died. A few could not be identified, so these unknown soldiers were each given a number and generally buried abroad, one exception being the one selected for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We honor all of these soldiers for their service to our nation and their sacrifice for freedom.

The Patriot by Jen Reed; arrow shape from Fresh Start by Jen Reed; official air force photos from my dad’s time in the service; flag photo by me; stock photo of Normandy American Cemetery 4; blending of photos done using textures from Lost and Taken and my own textures; Font: Century
I submitted page one and page two to the July DSO Surprise Challenge


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dad: Airman First Class

Over the years, Dad has told bits and pieces about his time in the US Air Force. Using his stash of old photos and asking questions as I go along, I plan to make a series of pages about those days. Here is the first two-page layout.

The Patriot by Jen Reed; arrow shape from Jen Reed’s Fresh Start; Atomic Cupcake painted metal action; official seal from back of photo; Fonts: Eurostile Bold, Square721 BT
*** Selected as a DSO gallery standout by Bunny***


Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Cake and a Clunk

Late, late on the night before John left for Japan, we decided he really needed a birthday cake. Early the next day, the birthday boy flew off to Japan for a few weeks.

While he was in Japan, he went head-to-head (literally) with another soccer player as they both tried for the ball, and John ended up with stitches on his forehead. THREE DAYS LATER, one of his friends convinced John to send me an email about it. “By the way, Mom, …”

Is bashing your skull halfway around the world more fun than staying at home eating cake? I guess John thought it was.

Eat Cake by Jen Reed; cake template by me;
Fonts: Ben Krush, PreludeFLF Bold, Eurostile Bold, Ariel


Saturday, July 2, 2011


I love the imagination that kids show! Here are some examples from when my son David was little.

Here Comes the Sun by Jen Reed; Fonts: MS PGothic, Pea Katie, Arial
I submitted this layout to the June DSO ABC Album Challenge.