Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Feast

Tahnksgiving 2011 was a time to get together and remember our many blessings. Nancy and her brood came to town for the holiday, making it that much more special.

The table stretched from wall to wall, big enough to seat twenty. The food was plentiful and delicious, flavored with lots of lively conversation.

However, the star of the day wasn't the turkey. It was three-month-old Rory, my parents' first great grandchild.

Nov 2011 Color Challenge kits by: Chaos Lounge (white paper, greenery); Carol aka monacomomma (orange dotted background); Kim B (green paper); stitches by Gunhild Storheide; AliSarah Designs (turkey from Thankful blog train); Joni Gray (pumpkin pie, re-colored, from Pumpkin Pie kit); Fonts: ZallmanCaps Thin, Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style Semi-Bold
Main photo, L to R: Mary, Russ, David, Billy, Doug, Liz E, Liz P, Harry, Mom, Dad, John, Kristine, Becca, Steven, Marie, Melissa, Ruth; Also present: Jim, Sue, Nancy, Rory; Middle lower photo: Nancy with grandson Rory


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nap Time

With three boys less than three years apart, nap time was one of my favorite times when they were little. I could finally catch my breath and get something done!

Aren't these pictures sweet?

Butterfly Kisses by Jen Reed; Butterfly Kisses Paper Mini by Jen Reed; Font: Desryel
I submitted this layout to Joni Gray's November ABC Album Challenge at Bunny Cates forum.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monkeying Around

David and John loved climbing the plum tree in the yard outside our basement apartment, but Steven was left out since he wasn't big enough to climb up on his own. However, one fall day when the plums were over-ripe and dropping to the ground, all the boys had fun playing by the tree, squishing and throwing the purple fruit. Later, when I tried washing their clothes, I discovered plum juice is a wonderful, long-lasting dye. I never got those stains out.

Monkeying Around Blog Train materials: Deli Scraps by Min (monkeys); Mardesia Chauvin at Crafter’s Boutique (word art); Bon Scrapatit (rub-on orange dotted line); Brenda of Millstream Cottage (leaf); Mandy King (yellow paper); Aimee Harrison at Girlboheme Studios (red and brown cardstock papers); Bonnie Blou Designs (striped paper); font: Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded; Key of D Designs (stitching)

As you can see by the picture below, my boys still like climbing trees.