Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas in the Hospital

Christmas isn't very merry if you are in the hospital. On my 14th day there, on Christmas Eve day, 2011, I was surprised when my family came into my hospital room bearing boxes and bags of gifts. After they piled the presents on my bed, we read the Christmas story, and sang carols. Then came the unwrapping! It was a very special time. I received another big gift later that night when I was released to go home.

All I Want for Christmas Collection Biggie by Jen Reed; All I Want Tree and Gift Embellishments by Jen Reed; All I Want for Christmas Paper Mini by Jen Reed; template by Bunny Cates; fonts: Arial Bold, Rockwell Bold; I submitted this page to the December template challenge on Bunny Cates forum.

Photo Notes: 1) Harry, Kristine, John, Steven, David, Sue, Mom, Dad; 2) Kristine and John asked Steven and David to be their groomsmen; 3) This was a much more fun use for my hospital bed.


So that's where I was for half of December. It wasn't much fun, but I am thankful I am out of the hospital now and doing very well.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Boys

Ya gotta luv 'em! I know I do!!

The Messenger Collection Biggie by Jen Reed, fonts: SHINJI BLUES, Bohemian typewriter; I submitted this page to Joni Gray's December ABC Album Challenge on Bunny Cates' forum.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Ho, Ho, HO!!

When our family gathers for Christmas, we take group portraits. The poses are usually formal, but I confess I like the silly versions better.

Top to Bottom, L to R: Jim, John, Dad, Harry, Steven, Mom, Kristine, Sarah, Sue, Liz, David, Ruth, Marie