Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quilts and Kids

Among my photos of quilts throughout the years, the picture on the top of David at 8 weeks is among the best. Notice how the eye barely notices the baby? (1985)

The second photo is not nearly as good at capturing the bright orange quilt. Even though the balloons add to the colorful distraction, you can still spot John (4 mo) and David (2 yr). (1987)

The final photo is another masterpiece. Even with judicious cropping, you cannot easily see Steven (3), John (4) and David (6). (1991) I am still striving for good photos, though preferably not of quilts!

Butterfly Kisses by Jen Reed; template by me based on Missouri Puzzle Quilt; Font: Arial Bold; Designed using GIMP; photo editing using PSE 6; I submitted this page to Joni Gray's ABC Album Challenge at Bunny Cates' Forum.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cool Dog

The snow was still falling the night Steven made his snow creation. You've heard that dogs have cold noses, but Steven's snow dog, Frederick, had the coldest nose around. Naturally, I gave Steven my expert opinion on his sculpture. Isn't telling their children what to do a mother's main role in life?

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed; Font: Love Ya Like a Sister; Designed using GIMP; photo editing done with PSE 6; I submitted this page to the SG High Noon Chat and Scrap Challenge.

This creation wasn't as big as the brontosaurus all thee boys made in 2009; you can see that creation on these three pages: Baby Brontosaurus, Snowy Yard Art, and No Matter the Season. However, this time only three inches of snow fell and Steven only had me helping (mostly supervising).


Monday, February 20, 2012

My Valentine, My Love, My Husband

Here is a page I made especially for Harry for Valentines' Day. I love you, Honey!

Kits by Jen Reed: Come One Come All Paper Mini (white background); Butterfly Kisses (Love word art and heart frame, re-colored); All I Want for Christmas (ribbon); Eat Cake Birthday Girl (deco stitching border); CU gold action; Font: Roman Antique; (Layout for Valentines’ Day 2012; photo from Feb 2011); I submitted this page to the SG High Noon Crop and Challenge.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sound of Music Through the Years

This is the second page of a two-page layout. You can find the first page here.

Journaling: Playing an instrument can give you a lifetime of enjoyment. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

Eat Cake Birthday Girl by Jen Reed (some papers modified); flower (re-colored) from Reflections of the Heart by Jen Reed; Julie Andrews and title extracted from original record album cover; CU piano; Violin and trumpet extracted by me from photos on the web; Template by me; Fonts: Monotype Corsiva Italic, Verdana; Designed using GIMP; Photo edited using PSE 6

For some reason, I don't have any photos from when we were growing up of my youngest sister, Liz, and her instruments. Sorry, Liz!


Friday, February 17, 2012

The Sound of Music

When I was growing up, our home was alive with the sound of music. Each of us girls started piano in second grade, and then went on to learn a second main instrument. We also sang in choirs at church and at school.

In addition to purchasing expensive instruments, paying for private lessons, listening to our mistakes and chauffeuring us to our rehearsals, Mom and Dad made time to come to every one of our concerts.

During high school, we were all very involved in music and each of us joined two or three different high school musical ensembles. Music has continued to enrich our lives ever since. We are very thankful for our wonderful parents who made these special experiences possible.

Note: The instruments shown below are the ones we played or still play.

Eat Cake Birthday Girl by Jen Reed (some papers modified); flower (re-colored) from Reflections of the Heart by Jen Reed; Julie Andrews and title extracted from original record album cover; CU piano; other instruments extracted by me from photos on the web; Font: Verdana; Designed using GIMP; I submitted this page to the Thursday Challenge at Scrap Girls.

I made a second page to go along with this one. You can find page two here.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Icy Miracle

I didn't know about this icy miracle until half of the ice crystals had melted away. Fortunately, I still was able to capture these amazing sights.

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed; Font: Century Gothic Bold; photos edited in PSE 6; page designed using the free program GIMP; Icy Pop photo action from The CoffeeShop Blog; I submitted this page to the SG Friday Customer Challenge.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Final Frontier

Photos: The Final Frontier

These are voyages of the camera-toting mom; her lifelong mission: to explore strange new photo shoots; to seek out new poses and new visualizations; to boldly go where no shutterbug has gone before!

Star Date 05.30.11 - I’m glad my family puts up with me, although David had a hard time the day we journeyed out on a mission to celebrate John's birthday. He couldn’t believe I was actually asking the boys to pose in the middle of a restaurant; note his incredulous expression. Maybe I subconsciously lined up horns behind his head!

Papers from Dragonfly Dreams (some re-colored) by Numb BUMM; various CU materials and actions; photo of Captain Kirk; transporter design by me; Fonts: Terminal, Love Ya Like A Sister, Sans Bold

Trekkie fan Sue

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

Star Date 05.30.11 - The day the six of us celebrated John's birthday, we discovered our original destination, a Greek restaurant, was closed, so we charted a new course across the street to a pizza place instead. John was in a silly mood and so was Kristine. Can you tell?

Dragonfly Dreams (some papers re-colored) by Numb BUMM; stock photo of starship; CU materials from The Scrappin Cop; action by Atomic Cupcake; photo editing in PSE 6; designed in GIMP; Fonts: Terminal, Love Ya Like A Sister; posted here for 2/4/12 Scrap Girls Saturday Color Challenge

Hope I made you smile!