Monday, April 30, 2012

Reading is the Key

The key to success in school is reading, so Harry and I tried to teach our boys the love of reading when they were very young by providing lots of books and reading to them often. They also could stay up half an hour later if they read, so here they all are, ready for bed, quietly "reading" on the couch.

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed (one of my favorite kits!); photo mask by KimB’s Designs; fonts: SchoolScriptDashed, Pea Katie; I submitted this page to Joni Gray’s ABC-Album April Challenge on Bunny Cates forum.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Quick Brown Fox

There was no lazy dog to jump over, but one night up at Jim and Liz's cabin, as dusk fell, a fox flitted by us as we sat around the campfire eating s’mores. It may have been the same fox that Riley scared away from its den by the cabin earlier in the year. I tried to snap some pictures, but like a phantom, it was there and then gone.

To our surprise, the fox came back a short while later. We think it wanted a taste of our s'mores, but we didn’t oblige. The fox was always alert, running quickly from place to place and looking around even when it paused to scratch itself. These much edited photos are the best I could get, but it's still fun to remember the unique experience.

Note: Many items were re-colored to match challenge colors. Coastal (papers) by Brandy Murry; Crazy Retro Day Paper Mini-Special by Andrea Trump; Reflections of the Heart (flower, buttons, stitching) by Jen Reed; Pirate Code Typewriter Alpha by Jen Reed; CU photo mask and texture for background photo; Font: Segoe Print, Segoe Print Bold; I submitted this page to the Scrap Girls Saturday 4/28 Color Challenge (orange, green and beige).


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sky Lights

I am constantly amazed at the ever-changing masterpieces God paints in the sky. I love capturing unusual views with pictures; these are some of my favorites, taken between 2008 and 2012. A few of these photos were taken while on vacation, but most were taken in the course of normal daily life. I would look up at the sky, think, “Wow! That’s incredible!”, then pull out the camera.

Coastal Paper – Wave (re-colored) by Brandy Murry; Template 153 by Yin Designs; Twilight alpha by Designs by Sarah Bryan; CU clouds by Jill Creation; Light rays by Kreen; Fonts: Sans

Look up! You'll be amazed at what you see, too!


Monday, April 23, 2012

An Ordinary Moment

What is life but a series of ordinary moments strung together like a necklace? Unique, special experiences are the flashy gems that gain most notice, but everyday things ---a good book, a hot cup of coffee, a delicious meal --- are the foundation.

This was one of those ordinary moments. Mom, Dad and I had just eaten a meal together when I saw them glance at each other. In that look, I heard the echo of all the other ordinary moments they have shared together throughout their fifty-seven years of marriage. It made me smile.

Sit Back and Relax Collab (parts re-colored) by Thaliris Designs (papers, books, glasses, ribbon, clock); Lady Papillon (papers, cup); LieN aka Click Photo Designs (paper); Fanette Design (butterfly); Scraplifted from Be Inspired - Amy template by WM [squared] Designs; Fonts: Tw Cen MT, Selfish, Times New Yorker; I submitted this page to the SG Saturday 4/21 Color Challenge (blue, green).


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Newborn Grand-Niece

Here are some pictures of my new grand-niece, Grace Elizabeth, taken hours after she was born.  I think she is adorable!

Sugarplum Paperie blog challenge template by Denise Beatty Originals; wire heart frame (re-colored) and gold and glass heart charm by Delicious Scraps; background paper from Naturel addon by Galiscrap; lace from Tender Day by Noshay Designs; doodle swirl and pearl scatter from Chance by NL Designs; paper strips from Little Princess by Aiyana Créations; I submitted this page to the Surprise Challenge on Bunny Cates Forum.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I like taking photos of gazebos. They are delightful morsels of architecture set in gorgeous parks or gardens. Here are some I discovered a few years ago.

Reflections of the Heart Collection Biggie by Jen Reed; Reflections of the Heart Paper Super Mini, paper 3, by Jen Reed, used as overlay; April 2012 Template by Bunny Cates; Fonts: Old English Text MT, PreludeFLF Bold; I submitted this page to the SG High Noon Chat Challenge to produce a layout with three photos.

Above L: park in White Bear Lake close to an interesting orange sculpture, another photo op (June 2010); Above R: park in Stillwater near the hospital where my mom had knee surgery (June 2009); Bottom: Duluth Rose Garden on Lake Superior near the Duluth Lift Bridge (July 2010)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


When we spotted this lovely view as we were hiking in Superior National Forest near Ely, MN, we stopped to take a timed photo so we could preserve the beautiful memory.

Scraplifted from Summertime Getaway by Brandy Murray; Butterfly Kisses by Jen Reed (dark green border/frame (modified), background paper, clip, berries, tag, re-colored ribbon); photo mask on photo by me; photo mask used on inner reddish frame by Mimi Concept from Collab Ombre et Lumiere; pine needles from Navidad by 2am designs aka Monica Aguirre; pinecone by Sky’s the Limit Scraps; distressing brush for mask behind title by Bunny Cates; CU leaves on ground Sekada Designs; CU leaves behind photo; Fonts: Times New Yorker, Pristina; I submitted this page to the SG 4/16 Monday challenge to create a layout about a national park.

I made a page with this photo before, but I like it so much I used it again for this challenge.


Monday, April 16, 2012

First Catch

In 1989, after we visited the church in Grand Marais, we took time off for a family vacation. Our campsite was right next to a lake, so Harry and I fished from shore with David and John. It was the first time either boy had fished. They each caught a baby sunny, too small to keep, so we tossed both fish back into the lake to grow a little more.

-David (3) was enthralled by his first fish.
-John (2) was afraid of the wiggly sunny.
-Steven (9 mo) just sat and watched it all.

Swim Like a Fish by Jen Reed (alpha, clear oval frame, splash, background paper); The Messenger by Jen Reed (corkboard, pins, post-its); Vellum Paper – Special by Brandy Murry; Inspiration from DisneyWorld Ad;Fish shape for corkboard by me (based on David’s fish!); Font: Segoe Script Bold; I submitted this page to the SG Mischief Days Ad Inspiration Challenge.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Budding Young Artist

When you discover your sweet little boy has just drawn all over his feet, what do you do? Before doing anything else, I took a picture of the mess so I could laugh about it later. I also was grateful Steven had chosen a washable marker for his new body art.

Steven: ”Why won’t it come off?” and "Mommy, I need my marker back! I'm not done yet!"

Here Comes the Sun by Jen Reed (most items); Stitching (re-colored) from Butterfly Kisses by Jen Reed; Marker (re-colored) from The Messenger by Jen Reed; Block alpha by Gunhild Storeide; Template 35 by Red Leaf DigiScrapping; Fonts: Rockwell; Pea Katie Jo; Rockwell Condensed, Bold Condensed; I submitted this page to the SG Mischief 2012 Color Challenge; my dominant color was to be red.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tall Tale

When I looked at the photos of the annual Easter egg hunt for our adult children, I discovered I had taken a picture of something else, too.

Fresh Start by Jen Reed; CU Easter basket and chick by Cajoline; CU overlays by Choukette and EAD; Font: Sans Bold; I submitted this page to the Scrap Girls 4/11 High Noon Crop Challenge; goal - to produce a humorous page.

Did I make you smile? :D


Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Stronger Than You!

When we were visiting Gooseberry Falls last summer, the kids had a spur-of-the-moment contest to see who could carry whom. It looked like they were trying to figure out who was the strongest. Kristine was the smallest and cutest, so I voted for her.

Golden Vanity by Jen Reed; Fonts: Tiiza, Times New Yorker

I submitted this page to the SG Thursday 4/5 challenge to make a page about something funny. Don't you agree this is appropriate?


Friday, April 6, 2012


We’re glad our three sons are good friends. They have always --- well, most of the time --- enjoyed each other's company.

Reflections of the Heart (some parts re-colored) by Jen Reed (two alphas, fringe, flower, leaves, background paper); BMU – Paper-Special (frames, lightened) from Naturally Neutral by Brandy Murray; Paper-SPECIAL (used as overlay for edge of page) from AdventureLand by CED; Font: Teen; I submitted this page to the Scrap Girls Friday 4/6 Customer Challenge.

John was wearing a BRIGHT red shirt, but I wanted the boys’ smiling faces to be the focus of this page, so I turned the rest of the photo black and white. This challenge called for a layout using neutral colors, which is outside my comfort zone, but I think it turned out well. This page has a totally different feel from the first one made from this photo, which you can see here.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dangerous Landings

This is a page from a book I am making about my father-in-law’s experiences while serving in the Marines in WWII. You can see the title page here.

Military: Semper Fi Collection Mini by Jen Reed; Semper Fi Paper Super Mini by Jen Reed; hangars and alpha letters from Military: Go Army Collection Mini by Jen Reed; photo mask (modified) by Gunhild Storeide; Fonts: Capture it 2, Teen Bold, Top Secret Bold; I submitted this page to the High Noon Crop at Scrap Girls.

Journaling: Every landing on an occupied island was risky. Papou recalled one landing where heavy casualties were anticipated for those in the first wave ashore. However, instead of heavy opposition, the first men ashore found bowls of hot rice, obviously left by the Japanese who had recently fled into the forest at the unexpected invasion.
NOTE: The Marines were surprised at the initial lack of enemy resistance at Guadalcanal, and Papou was a part of that battle, but I don't know if this story is from that landing or a different one.

Official Government Photo: First Division Marines storm ashore across Guadalcanal's beaches on August 7, 1942.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Night in the City

This is a fun series of photos taken by one of the boys' friends when a group of them went out at night on a photo "adventure". I especially like the main photo on the second page. I did a layout with it before, but decided the other photos in the series were also worthy of a look. I hope you enjoy this layout; I sure enjoyed making it!

Wanted by Jen Reed; Wanted Alpha (2008) by Jen Reed; Butterfly Kisses Alpha (City, Night) by Jen Reed; Photos by Brittany Dengerud; Template by Miranda, StarXLR8 Designs; Fonts: Freestyle Script, Segoe Script Bold, Segoe Print Bold, Arial Bold

One fine summer night, our three boys wandered around the city on a photo adventure with some of their friends. They found a hubcap, so John posed for an anti-speeding poster. They found other things on the side of the road, too.

Here is a close-up view of the "comic book" strip of photos. LOL!

Photo 1: “Hey, Steven! Try this on!” “Okay, John!”
Photo 2: “Wow, you’re light, Steven!” “John!! Let me OUT!!”
Photo 3: “I said I was sorry, Steven!” “Steven? Steven?? STEVEN!?!”

Brittany had Steven and John pose in front of this lovely fountain. I like the wonderful colors and the different silhouettes formed by the streams of lighted water. Can you tell the boys were hamming it up for the camera?