Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boys and Girls

Boys and girls sure play differently!  On a warm spring day in March, the snow had melted to form a short-lived pond next to the playground, and I really saw the difference very clearly.  This is the second layout I've made from this time (here is the first one), but I had more pictures, so I made another page.  I think it's a hoot!

A New Day by Jen Reed; Fonts: Lucida Calligraphy Italic, Adler; I submitted this page to the SG Thursday 5/31 Challenge (layout using opposites).

Journaling: The boys lay in or ran through the muddy water.  The girls waded daintily and caught water bugs.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Great, Great Aunts --- Now Great?

Tada!! This is a redo of an earlier page, found here, that just didn't feel right. I asked for suggestions at a recent Scrap Girls chat, and here is the result.  Overall, I like this version much better. What do you think?

Butterfly Kisses by Jen Reed (papers); Scrap Simple Embellishments – Wall D├ęcor – Frames-Special (oval frame) by Syndee Nuckles; Welcome Spring (cup) by Margita; CU vase by Cajoline; Escape to Paradise (rectangular frames, modified) by Di @ Legacy for Life; buffet and lamp extracted from copyright-free stock photos; small table designed using copyright-free stock photo; chair extracted from my photo; Fonts: Harrington, Rockwell Bold, Monotype Corsiva Italic; I submitted this page to the SG Wednesday 5/23 High Noon Crop (use three fonts).

Journaling: When my great grandfather, Julius Link, emigrated from Germany, two of his sisters remained behind. This 1928 photo of those sisters captures their love for each other and the twinkles in their eyes.

Info on Changes (for those who really want to know):
1. Made the proportions of the framed picture to the chair more accurate by making the chair much bigger.
2. Moved the chair so only part of it is seen, keeping the focus on the photo.
3. Made the frame less clunky (extracted the middle part, leaving only the edge).
4. Added more knickknacks.
5. Made the wainscoting more interesting.
6. Used a smaller design on the wallpaper.
7. Made the shadow on the photo from the frame more realistic.
8. Re-edited the photo, giving it more contrast and clarity.
9. Used new papers and elements except for the frame (modified) while keeping the concept of a framed picture on the wall of a room.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Golf: A Contact Sport

It's hard to play golf when the clubs are bigger than you, but it's still fun. In fact, golf is so fun that it's hard to share the club or the flag with your cousin. In this case, I think Liz (2 yrs 3 mo) won the tug-of-war with Steven (22 mo). - July 1990

Scraplifted from Tomorrow’s Flowers by jhbren; SSPaper-Earthy-Special (background) by Ang Campbell; Word art by me using acrylic alpha by Delicious Scraps and copyright-free stock photo; Bracket (modified) by Delicious Scraps; grass (April 2012 ABC-Album Challenge Posting Bonus kit) and frame (paper from Snowdrops) by Joni Gray; Here Comes the Sun (sun and clouds) by Jen Reed; Fonts: Teen, Teen Bold; I submitted this page to the SG Monday 5/21 Challenge (scraplift another's page) and to the SG Tuesday 5/22 Freebie Challenge (use the background paper).


Friday, May 18, 2012

Trash or Treasure?

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a very rusty truck outside Menard's. I thought some of the rust spots were quite artistic, so I stopped to take a few photos. From those pictures, this layout was born. This page is outside the box for me, but I still like it, so for me, the rusty truck was a treasure.

Reflections of the Heart Paper Super Mini and Embellishments by Jen Reed; my pictures of the rust on an old truck; Fonts: Veteran Typewriter, Stamp Act Jumbled, ChopinScript, Kristen ITC Semi-Expanded; I submitted this page to the SG Friday Customer Challenge (use three different colored flowers).

 Journaling: The rusty truck outside Menard's may have been an eyesore for some, but it was a wonderful source of grungy backgrounds for me.

A comment from Cherryyllaan on the Scrap Girls forum suggested this looked like a "beautiful set of nestled Caribbean Islands with the wonderful blues, aquas and violets as the water depth and the browns and rust as land".  What a creative way to think about this definitely unique page!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Christmas 2008

For Christmas, 2008, two new people joined us for the holiday: Sayuri, an exchange student from Japan staying with Liz and Jim, and Kristine, John's girlfriend. Sayuri has gone back to Japan, but Kristine will be joining our family permanently this summer when she and John marry. It's so exciting!

These pictures are bittersweet in a way as Mom, suffering from Alzheimer’s since 2004, cannot make "Grandma buns" and lefsa now like she did in 2008. It is hard to see her lose ground, but it also good to look back and remember the good times.

All I Want for Christmas by Jen Reed; Spring Love alpha by Delicious Scraps; Template 127 by Yin Designs; Fonts: Lucida Handwriting Italic, Arial Bold, Arial; I submitted this page to the SG Thursday Challenge (scrap an event with a simple layout).


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Family, My Heart

This photo was taken at the hospital, Christmas Eve Day, after I had spent fourteen days in the hospital. My family surprised me by bringing all the presents to the hospital and celebrating Christmas there. I was very thankful for their thoughtfulness. I also was able to go home that day, so it ended up being a very happy day.

Fresh Blossom by Jen Reed (dark pink paper overlaid with patterned paper); Font: Sans Bold; I submitted this layout to the SG Wed 5/16 High Noon Crop (pink and green layout).


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Five

I like this photo of our family, taken last summer at our niece's wedding.  It worked out well since we were all dressed up already! We'll have another fancy family photo taken this coming summer, too, but this time at my son John's wedding! Yay!

Opposites Attract (large black patterned background paper - special) by Ang Campbell; Black Tie (papers) by Melly Scraps aka Melissa Robinson; Games People Play (paper) by Scraps N Pieces; Opposites Attract (paper, lace) by Piccolina Designs; Little Black Dress (flower) by Wyld Web Designs; Black and White (paper) by Persnickety Prints; Scraplifted from template 2 by Scooty's Designs; Font: Bookman Old Style Semi-Bold; I submitted this page to the SG Tuesday 5/15 Challenge.


Floating Surprise

While enjoying a lovely summer's afternoon at the Papou and Yaya's house, we suddenly spotted a colorful hot air balloon quietly floating overhead. It was so cool! Spellbound, we watched it drift out of sight.

Srap Girls kits: Coastal (background, paper for orange frame, wooden frame, sand, rope, tag) by Brandy Murry; Follow Your Bliss Zoom Page (button, re-colored; round white frame) by Syndee Nuckles; A Narrative (bow, re-colored) by Scrap Girls; Loving Spring (canvas ribbon – special) by Jan Ransley; ScrapSimple twill tape – special by Elisha Barnett; Homebody (ribbon-special) by Elisha Barnett; Fonts: Quandrata Bold; I submitted this page to the SG Monday 5/14 Challenge to may a layout about things that fly.

***This page was a "Layout of the Week" at Scrap Girls***


Saturday, May 12, 2012

In Others' Words

A few weeks ago I created a couple of pages in honor of my wonderful sisters; you can find them here. Afterwards, one of my sisters gave me a list of words about me. “These are the words Jim and I (my brother-in-law and sister) thought of for you. :-) We love you!” Liz said she didn’t have the skills to make a digital layout, and asked me to make the layout for her, in essence. I promised her I would, so here is a page about me. Thanks, Liz and Jim, for showing me the way you see me. I confess I don’t always see these things in myself, so this is very affirming, and I appreciate it.

Be Yourself by Delph Designs; Template by me; Fonts: Freebooter Script, Jokerman, Harrington, Britannic Bold, Viner Hand ITC, Karate, Fiolex Girls, Ravie Semi-Expanded, Gabrielle, Perpetua Titling MT Bold, Rockwell Condensed, Condensed


Friday, May 4, 2012


Liz could almost stand alone, but Mom had to prop her against the wall. Liz could also almost reach the enticing lamp, but Mom was right there to grab her if she did. No problems --- but almost!

I’m So In Love With You by Fanette Designs; Template by Alegna Designs; Fonts: Porcelain, Times New Roman, Italic; I submitted this page to the SG Friday 5/4 Challenge to make a page using purple.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Me Go, Too!

In this case, I think a picture is worth a thousand words. You can almost hear 21-month-old Steven asking to with Harry down the stairs to the dock. But Harry was going to wade in the water to work on his parents' wooden dock that had been weakened by the winter ice, definitely not a place for a little boy. You can almost see how sad Steven was not to go with his daddy. I'm glad I grabbed my camera and caught this little impromptu "drama" enacted by my son.

Reflections of the Heart by Jen Reed; spatter mask by KimB; scraplifted from template by KimB; Fonts: Pea Katie Jo, Pea Katie; I submitted this page to the SG Thursday Challenge to use someone else's words.

Talk Bubble: Me go, too, Daddy!
Thought Bubble: I sad me not go with Daddy.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Christmas Craft for Young'ens

Using styrofoam spheres and bells, ribbons and sequins, the boys made ornaments for Christmas gifts in 1991. With a little help, David (6) did fine, but the project was difficult (to say the least) for John (4) and Steven (3). John needed continuous direct supervision, while Steven basically sat in my lap as I held his hand, "guiding" him to attach the sequins with pins. I did a very good job on his ornaments. LOL When we finally finished, the boys were very proud of their work --- and I breathed a sigh of relief.

All I Want for Christmas Value Pack by Jen Reed; Family Faces by Jen Reed (stitching); Font: Arial; I submitted this page to the SG 5/2 Wednesday High Noon Crop (stripes).


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newborn Cousins

My nieces, sisters Mary and Liz, had their babies eight months apart, so these two cousins will group up together. Aren't they cute?

Butterfly Kisses (papers, vellum heart frame-modified) by Jen Reed; SS Instant Photo Cluster – Special by Armi Custodio; Bead alpha by The Scrappin Cop; String (re-colored) by Gunhild Storeide; Fonts: Segoe Script; I submitted this layout to the SG Tuesday 5/1 Freebie Challenge (to use frame cluster).