Friday, June 29, 2012

Love is in the Air

My son, John, just got married last weekend to a very sweet young woman, Kristine. I am so pleased to have her as my new daughter-in-law. The wedding was gorgeous and the reception fun. I was a little busy being mother-of-the-groom to take many good photos, but I do have a few. This is one of my favorites, taken as John and Kristine exited the church on the way to the reception.

Summer Day (papers) by Lilas Design; round bubble (Fresh Attitude) and heart bubble (Bisous Calinou) by Mélie Designs; “Love is in the Air” word art by Bethany at Elegant Word Art; CU clouds by Le Scrap de Rachel; Font: French Script MT; I submitted this page to the SG Re-June-Venate Challenge.

 Journaling: John and Kristine floated out of the church on streams of bubbles blown by their well-wishers.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great and Grand

The party was to celebrate Becca's graduation from the university, but Becca's four-week-old niece, Grace, stole the show. As people took turns holding Grace, Mom and Dad made sure they had a chance to greet their youngest great grandchild.

Fade to Gray (papers, flowers, re-colored) by Durin Eberhart; THE PAPER IRIS Freebie Template 84; Fonts: Narnia BLL, Matura MT Script Capitals; I submitted this page to the SG Re-Junevenate Challenge to make a layout based on the colors in a photo, in this case, the main photo on the right.)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boxes, Bows, and a Bow-Wow

David received lots of presents for his first birthday, but what he liked best were the delicious boxes, the fascinating bows and the rocking doggie.

Here Comes the Sun (red & orange papers, modified) by Jen Reed; Reflections of the Heart (brown background, modified) by Jen Reed; All I Want for Christmas (bow, re-colored) by Jen Reed; Golden Vanity (beige paper for border, title) by Jen Reed; border design by Lindsay Jane Designs; CU box by Jean K. Hertz (a.k.a. Scrapdoctor Designs); scraplifted from “Jared and His Tie” by Yin Designs; Fonts: Pea Katie Jo, Good Dog Plain, Good Dog Cool; I submitted this page to the SG Saturday 6/16 Color Challenge.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tractor Trouble

When we were staying at a farm in northern Minnesota, John was so excited to play on the rusty old tractor in the front yard "one last time" that he didn't notice the steel pipe railing next to the sidewalk. (Running full speed towards railing … BAM!!) "Owwwww!! Mommy!!" The trip to a nearby clinic so John could get stitches for the gash right under his nose made our visit even more memorable.

John is the son who gets married next weekend. My, how time flies!

A New Day Collection Mini by Jen Reed; A New Day Paper Solids Mini by Jen Reed; Pirate Code Typewrite Alpha by Jen Reed; Scrap Simple Ripped Cardboard Embellishments by Jen Reed; Font: Veteran Typewriter; I submitted this page to the SG Friday 6/15 Challenge (use two fonts) and to the Bunny Cates ABC-Album Challenge by Joni Gray (letter "T").


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt 2012

One of our family's Easter traditions is the annual egg hunt. We retell the stories from years past: My dad "hid" eggs in the middle of the yard; Grandma Link found an egg weeks later rotting under the stove; my mom found a chocolate egg melting on top of a lampshade frame (fortunately still wrapped in foil); when toddlers, David and Billy made the eggs “fly”.

 Our kids are all adults now, but they still enjoy the egg hunt. I am always amused by their post-hunt gathering, sorting, counting and distributing of the chocolate eggs.

There are now two great grand babies and another on the way, so soon there will be a new generation of Easter egg hunters. How fun!

A New Day Collection Mini and A New Day Paper Solids Mini by Jen Reed; Scrap Anges Design April 2012 template; Font: Arial Bold; I submitted this page to the SG June 2012 Re-June-Venate Challenge to make a page of some of my favorite photos taken in 2012.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Love Never Ends

This page is a tribute to my parents, especially my dad. These last few weeks have been very hard, so I wanted to scrap this very touching, bittersweet photo of my mom kissing my dad in the hospital. He had an operation on his broken hip and will go through weeks of rehab at a transitional care facility. Since he was Mom's sole caregiver and she wanders sometimes, our family moved her to memory care. There were tears streaming down my face as I designed this page.

Journaling: My dad modeled godly, self-sacrificing love as he cared for my mom, who has Alzheimer's. He broke his hip in June, 2012, and probably will never be able to live independently with his wife of 57 years again, but his love for her will never end.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. ~ I Corinthians 13:7-8a

Fade to Gray (mauve paper re-colored) by Durin Eberhart; Loving Spring (ribbon – special, re-colored) by Jan Ransley; photo mask (modified) from A Narrative by Scrap Girls; Love Word Art by Delicious Scraps; Fonts: Croissant, Old newspaper font;; I submitted this page to the SG June Re-June-Venate challenge to scrap a recent photo using word art.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

By the Bubbling Spring

This whimsical layout is not my normal style, but I think it's fun!

Fresh Day by Albina Design; Stella Forest (wooden sign) by Scrap of Angel Design; Fonts: Pea Cassie, GoodDog Plain; designed using GIMP


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snow Mowing

One day in about March, 1990, when John was almost three, I dressed all three boys warmly in their snowsuits and sent them outside to play.  It had snowed a short time before, so there was lots of snow. Our gravel driveway and the surrounding streets were white, covered with packed snow.

I stayed inside to get some things done, but kept glancing out the window to check that the boys were okay. Our yard was in a little hollow and the boys had always stayed around the swing set --- until that day.

John had the toy lawnmower outside, so he started “mowing” the snow. Lost in his own world, he “mowed” down the snow-covered driveway and turned to go along the edge of the now-white side street on which we lived. Next, he followed the curve of the road that went in front of the corner service station. Finally, he headed up the lonely snow-packed county road that led out of the little town in which we lived.

Beyond the service station, there were no houses for a long ways since the road was surrounded by fields. We lived at the edge of the town, and outside of the city limits, the speed limit on the county road was 55 miles per hour.

 It must have been a few minutes before I looked out the window to check on the boys again and noticed John was gone. I was very distraught, running all around the yard, searching desperately for my little boy.

Fortunately, my distress did not last long. Shortly after I started searching, a mechanic from the corner garage came by our house --- carrying a little boy and a toy mower. "Is this little guy yours?" he asked. "I found him on the county road heading north out of town! You should keep better watch over your kids!”

I felt about an inch high, and knew I was the worst mother in the world, but I didn’t care. I was almost hysterical with relief that John was safe and sound and back home again.

Snowflakes by Delicious Scraps; Holiday Sugar Cookies alpha (re-colored) by Foxy Designs; CU textures; Font: Teen Bold