Wednesday, October 29, 2014


In the 1930's, Grandpa worked construction in the summer, but he did other work in the winter to help make ends meet. Here he is with other lumberjacks, standing on the left.

This photo was taken on a hillside, with Grandpa standing lower than the rest of the men. It doesn't appear that way at first glance, but when you take into account the slant of the hill, Grandpa was significantly taller than the lumberjack on the right. He stood six feet tall, a big man in those days.

Ginny Whitcomb: Through His Eyes Embellishment Biggie; Amand Fraijo-Tobin: Rustic Shabby Embellishments Mini; Jacqui Smith: The Great Outdoors Paper; Marlene Peacock: Slightly Shabby Paper; Cherise Oleson: Chipped Paint Alpha Mini; Syndee Rogers-Nuckles: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301


Thursday, October 23, 2014

What's Smor Fun Than a Hayride?

It was a beautiful crisp night, perfect for fall frolicking. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire and took a hayride through the dark woods. The older kids enjoyed the freedom of running all around the farm. We ate, talked, laughed and had a great time!

Syndee Nuckles: Picturesque Collection Biggie; Syndee Nuckles: Picturesque Embellishment Mini; Kim Broedelet: Stronger Tempalte Freebie; Fonts: Caflisch Script Pro, Veteran Typewriter, Stamp Act Jumbled


Monday, October 20, 2014

1948 Suave

My dad was cool in 1948!

Ginny Whitcomb: Through His Eyes Embellishment Biggie (leaves, big metal flowers); Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Rustic Shabby Embellishments Mini; Melissa Renfro: Wall Textures Paper Mini (paper used for frame); Jacqui Smith: The Great Outdoors Paper (Background paper); Marlene Peacock: Slightly Shabby Paper (2 Background papers); Marlene Peacock: Slightly Shabby Word Art (two tags); Sherrie Piegdon: Chronicler Embellishment Mini (flower behind date); Armi Custodio: Charm Alpha (title); Jennifer Ziegler: Assemble Your Own: Alpha Tags (date tag); Elisha Barnett: Modern Glitz Embellishments (silver flower)

I was looking for a photo that was vintage and masculine, so what better choice than my dad's high school graduation photo?

Everything I used on this page was from the Create a Collection set of coordinating products developed especially for the 10th Anniversary of Scrap Girls.  This particular layout was for the Build a Birthday Cake Challenge.  I chose to make a three-layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, colored frosting swirls and the number 10 on the top.  Here is what that meant for my layout:

Type: 3-layer = 1 photo
Flavor: Chocolate = 4 papers: 3 in background, 1 on frame
Frosting: Chocolate = 3 different types of elements: flowers, leaves, tags
Decorations: Colored Frosting Swirls = Metallic, wooden or plastic element: wire mesh behind photo
Topper: Number 10 = 1 alpha: used in title

Isn't this a delicious layout?


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sisters in Stillwater

My sisters and I took a fun fall trip to Stillwater, MN. We ate at a restaurant that overlooked the St. Croix River, and for our viewing pleasure, a paddleboat pulled out of dock and started its cruise right in front of our eyes. We then browsed through a few of the shops in Downtown Stillwater as we made our way to the Candy Shop. We wanted chocolate! We found a new friend sitting outside the shop. I didn't really bite off his hand. Just as the sun was setting, we visited Aamodt's Apple Farm, a large orchard and restaurant near Stillwater. It was a delightful time with my sisters.

Elisha Barnett: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Iconographic; Elisha Barnett: ScrapSimple Word Art Templates: InfoBanners; Brandy Murry: Autumn Jewel Collection Biggie; Jennifer Ziegler: Caramel Apple Embellishments; Brandy Murry: Curling Leaves Embellishment Biggie; Syndee Nuckles: Brush Set: Bubble Wrap; Fonts: Arial Bold, AR BERKLEY.

I submitted this page to the Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking 10/16 Blog Challenge to create a layout with at least 3 arrows.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When Night Falls

When sunlight fades and night falls, moonlight, candlelight and firelight all seem brighter.

Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Torn Paper Masks; Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Torn Paper Masks 2; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Value Pack: Essential Grungy Brushes; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Essential Grungy Masks; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: Value Pack: Everyday Glitters; Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Grungalicious Scratched Super Biggie 8501.  This page was published in the Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking newsletter.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Minnesota's North Shore and Outstanding Elements Tutorial

These are some of my favorite photos of Minnesota's North Shore. It is such a beautiful place!

Elisha Barnett: ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Map Pointers; Jennifier Ziegler: For Spacious Skies Collection; Brnady Murry: Junk in the Trunk Collection Biggie

I used this page in a tutorial to show how to make "Outstanding Elements", elements that look like they are standing up on the page. You can find the tutorial here on the Scrap Girls blog. I have also written it below.


 Outstanding Elements Tutorial
(created using Photoshop Elements 11)

In Elisha Barnett’s ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Map Pointers, a part of the ScrapSimple Club for September 2014, there are some cute elements that look like they are standing up on the page. The way to achieve this “outstanding” look is by creating a special shadow. Here is one way to do it.

Step 1 - Create Basic Shape of Shadow:

Make a black copy of the object to form the basic shape of the shadow. Holding down Ctrl, click on the icon of the object you want to stand up so that marching ants are going around it. Select the color black and click on the Paint Bucket Tool. Create a new layer in your Layers Panel and click inside the marching ants on your page. This will give you a black copy of the object on a separate layer, the start of our new shadow.

Step 2 - Shrink Shadow: 

Move your object below the shadow on the Layers Panel so you can work with the shadow more easily. Select the shadow, click on the move tool, and then pull the shadow until it is a little less than half the size of your object.

 NOTE: I have placed one of Elisha’s map pointers on the page for comparison purposes.

Step 3 - Skew Shadow: 

With the shadow layer still selected, hold down Ctrl, and place the selection arrow directly on the upper right corner of the selection box. This will bring up a series of Transform options as the bottom. Click on Skew, and pull the shadow sideways so that the angle of your shadow is similar to that of the pointer’s shadow. Do not adjust the bottom of the shadow, just the top. Change the opacity of the shadow layer to 70% so it is a little transparent.

Step 4 - Make Shadow Fade Out: 

We will make the shadow fade away to the upper right using a layer mask and the Gradient Tool. Select the shadow from the Layers Panel, and click on the square with a hole cut out in it at the top to add a layer mask. Click on the Gradient Tool and from the settings on the bottom, select Mode normal, Opacity 100%, Reverse, Transparency, Dither, and Linear, the first bluish square. Change the color selected to black.

Click on the layer mask of your object and then, on the page, draw a line from the lower left of the shadow to the upper right. This should make your shadow fade away like the shadow on the map pointer. If it doesn’t look the way you want, repeat drawing the line until the shadow fades away from bottom left to upper right.

NOTE: Be sure to click on the layer mask each time or the whole layer will turn black and white. If that happens, just undo with Ctrl + z.

Step 5 - Blur Shadow:

To add a little blur on the edges, select the shadow (not the layer mask). At the top, click Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Play with the pixels of blur until you get the result you like. I set the blur at just 3 pixels, but you could easily add more. If you need to, move the shadow layer so that the bottom of the shadow is in line with the bottom of the object. Place the shadow layer below the object layer.

You’re done! Doesn’t your object look cool standing up? Why not try this on your next page?


Sunday, October 5, 2014

World Card-Making Day

Did you know Saturday, October 4th, was Word Card-Making Day?  Here are three cards I made recently.

Free Template from Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking; Cindy Rohrbough: Joy Ride Collection Mini; Brandy Murry: Junk in the Trunk Collection Biggie; Doris Castle: It's A Guy Thing Collection Mini; Stock photo of car; Fonts: Palatino Linotype, Mistral; posted here on the Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking blog

Ginny Whitcomb: ScrapSimple Card Templates: 5 x 7 HolidayScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Gold 8501; Amanda Fraijo-Tobin: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Frozen 6401; Elisha Barnett: Silent Night Paper Biggie

Ginny Whitcomb: ScrapSimple Card Templates: 5x7 Everyday; Ginny Whitcomb: Mom's Day Collection Biggie; Brandy Murry: Heart of Gold Paper Biggie; Syndee Nuckles: Altered Life Embellishment Biggie; Font: Gabrielle


Thursday, October 2, 2014

Beaver River Falls

Harry and the kids enjoyed hiking down to Beaver River Falls while I stayed up on the bridge and took photos.  The gals were cold and huddled together on a rock while the guys scrambled all around the different parts of the falls.  Regardless of your viewpoint, it was a gorgeous place.

Marlene Peacock: Week52 Template - Special-1 (freebie); Ginny Whitcomb: Time To RAWR Paper; Syndee Nuckles: ScrapSimple Alpha Templates: Burlap and Lace; Brandy Murry: Super 7 Spread by Brandy Murry; Syndee Nuckles: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301. I submitted this page to the Monday 8/25 Challenge at Scrap Girls Digital Scrapbooking to use an alpha.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eyes of Love

I love these wedding photos of my new daughter-in-law.  I am so blessed she is now an official part of our family!

Laura Louie: A Joyful Day Collection Biggie; Brandy Murry: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Gold 8501; Syndee Nuckles: ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Shadow Me 6301; Template by Anna Burrows.  I created this page for the Sat 8/23 Color Challenge..