Wednesday, November 9, 2016

From Kitchen to Coop

When my grandparents added on to their house, they didn't let their lean-to kitchen go to waste. They moved it behind the barn and converted it into a chicken coop.

Memory is a funny thing. I was pretty sure I had the facts right for this layout, then I showed it to my dad. He told me I was wrong. His folks did move the kitchen lean-to when they added on to the family home, but they put it into the woods and used it for wood. The chicken coop was always a chicken coop.

Dad said, though, since the layout was all done, I could post it the way it was.  Thanks, Dad!  It would have been hard to redo.

The picture below shows my Dad's family home after they moved Dad's grandparents old home onto the site. If you compare this picture with the one on the left above, you will notice the kitchen lean-to is gone, and the house is doubled in size. This is definitely old-fashioned recycling! Why waste a perfectly good house when you can move it someplace else?



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